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Advertsing with Used Thermal Cameras
Used Thermal Cameras offers thermal imaging equipment owners a highly effective and very competative online advertising service.
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Costs and upgrades

Basic Advert - Cost £15
To keep thing simple when you place your camera you must list it under the manufactire type, all adverts can have upto 20 images

When you are listing your cameras you will see options to upgrade you advert to make a stand out from a standard listing, these options are:
Featured - Cost £5:
Your listing will be placed in top position in your camera type and the back ground colour changed from blue to yellow.

Bold - Cost £5:
This will inlarge the title text and price text in your listing. There will be no change in colour or position if purched sepretaly.

Highlighted - £5:
Your listing back ground colour will be changed from:
Blue (standard listing)
Yellow (featured listing)
to orange, to make it stand out from the crowd. There will be no change in colour or position if perched separately.

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